Pre Authorized Debit Donations


To the Church: 

1. Less volunteers are needed to count the collection each week. 

2. Less handling of money during the off- hours of the Credit Union. 

3. Each year we hand out envelopes that the parish pays for and they                                   do not all get used.


4. Less paper means less administration costs.

To the parishioner: 

1. In these times of debit/credit card transactions, no going to the bank machine to get cash to put in your envelope.


2. In the event of vacationing or being out of town on the weekend, you will still be able to donate. 

3. For parishioners who do not attend all masses, but would still like to support the parish (i.e. funeral services, wedding masses, baptisms, confirmations, first communion...etc)


4. And let’s not forget that your donations are tax deductible. 

To sign up or to get more info, drop into the Parish Office!!!!