by Rev. Brendon Gallant unless specified

On January 2

Adam Andrew Gallant

Son of: Terry & Joanne


Lucille "Jennifer" Arsenault

Daughter of: Elmer & Jackie

Were married in the presence of

Hughie Handrahan & Melanie Gallant

On January 22

Joshua Barry Gaudet

Son of: Barry & Bonnie


Lacey Rose Simmons

Daughter of: James & Brenda

Were married in the presence of

Nicholas Gaudet & Dawn Marie Simmons

On April 16

Tyler John Perry

Son of: Johnny & Catherine


Monique Jade Bernard

Daughter of: Robert & Donna

Were married in the presence of

Nathan Blanchard & Rochelle Gaudet

On July 9

Cody Bruce Lorne Saunders

Son of: Bruce & Shelley


Geena Elizabeth Gaudet

Daughter of: Douglas & Patsy

Were married in the presence of

Connor Saunders & Katie Gaudet

On July 30

Warren Martin LeFave

Son of : Joseph & Helena 


Dimpna Aragon Cabriga

Daughter of: Eladio & Clarita 

On September 3

Tyler Jody Baird

Son of:  Darryl Baird & Doreen Gillis


Julie Dawn Maria Pitre

Daughter ofEdmund & Brenda 

On October 1st

Alex John Tremblay

Son of:  Ronnie & Patsy

Rena Lynn Doyle

Daughter of:  Robert & Charlene

On October 15th

Derick Richard Aylward

Son of:  Ricky & Cecilia

Angelita Bayarcal

Daughter of: Isabelo & Elizabeth

October 22nd

Scott James Morrissey

Son of:  James & Beverly


Monika Alexandra Caulier

Daughter of:  Barry & Paula